It is shocking what the best-selling pro sports team vanity license plate is in the state of Illinois.

Vanity License Plates In The State Of Illinois

When it comes to vanity license plates, Illinois is one of the top states. Just look around when you are in a public parking lot or driving down the road. They are everywhere.

Not only are the residents of the Land of Lincoln all about special words, numbers, and phrases but they also enjoy the special themes. The state also has many different types and styles available. Once again, one of the biggest in the United States.

Then, of course, you have the folks that like to combine them all together. I have been seeing more and more of those around the state line area too.

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Vanity License Plates Are Not For Me

I am not going to lie, I have thought about getting vanity license plates several times.

I have been tempted to order my favorite team, the Chicago Bears, or my college, Illinois State University. I even have ideas of what to put on them.

I just can not get myself to pull the trigger on some. Honestly, it is because of the money. They are a lot more expensive than normal generic license plates. The state of Illinois does not need or deserve any more of my money.

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Best Selling Sports Team Plate In Illinois

With so many pro sports teams vanity license plates on the road in Illinois, I often wonder which organization can claim the top spot. I think the results might surprise you.

There are six different ones available that include Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and St. Louis Cardinals. Okay, before looking at the list. Who do you think is number one?

According to,


New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls
Getty Images

Chicago Bulls with 3,416.

I am not surprised because it has been many years since the team was relevant.


NLCS: Houston Astros v St. Louis Cardinals - Game 6
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St. Louis Cardinals with 3,555.

This one shocks me. In my opinion, these plates should not even be available in Illinois. They are a Missouri team.


San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears with 8,620.

Honestly, I thought the Bears would come in at number one. They have always been the tops with fans in the state.


Padres V Cubs
Getty Images

Chicago Cubs with 13,970.

I thought the Cubs would be right up there with the Bears. it was not that long ago when they won the World Series.


NHL Season Cancelled
Getty Images

Chicago Blackhawks with 19,848.

I figured the Blackhawks would be in the top half of the list. They've had a lot of success and lots of supporting fans.


Chicago White Sox Victory Parade
Getty Images

Chicago White Sox with 21,890.

This is the biggest shock on the list. The Sox are not even the most popular MLB team in their own hometown while always playing second fiddle to the Cubs. Maybe, the fans are jumping on their bandwagon while the team is having a good year.

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