Everyone has their favorite places to order pizza and if these twenty places aren't on your list, I definitely suggest checking them out in the near future.

The Unofficial Meal Of Illinois

Throughout my life, I have met several residents who live in Illinois. Out of all those experiences, there's only been a handful that didn't like pizza. Of course, those people aren't friends of mine. In my opinion, pizza and our state go hand and hand. You can find so many delicious places for pizza, that it really should be the official food of the Land of Lincoln. How can we make that actually happen?

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Who Has The Best Pizza In Illinois?

Honestly, I think that question is impossible to answer. Everyone has their go-to place. Plus, there are so many amazing restaurants to order it from. In fact, Rockford is really lucky to have an incredible selection of pizza joints. I'll try to make it a little bit easier by expanding the "best of" list to the top twenty. Then, it's up to you to try them all out to find out for sure.

Best Pizza In Illinois
Best Pizza In Illinois

Top Twenty Places In The Rockford, Illinois Area For Pizza

Best Pizza In Illinois
  • #11 Maciano's
  • #12 Lou Malnati's
  • #13 Jo Jo's
  • #14 Windsor Pizza Parlor
  • #15 Napoli's
  • #16 Pino's
  • #17 Connie's
  • #18 Pietro's
  • #19 Marie's
  • #20 Opsahl's

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Honorable Mentions

  • Frankie's On Broadway
  • Maria's
  • Homemade

10 Reasons Why Rockford Pizza Is The Best Pizza

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