This Sunday, the terrible Chicago Bears and the terrible Detroit Lions will do their best to play a football game. So because both teams are, terrible, let's have some fun with it.

Ethan Taylor, a trainer at Anytime Fitness Roscoe (yes Ethan, I know that's an old photo) is a huge Detroit Lions fan. During Ethan's weight loss journey, he was actually invited by Lions management to attend a game in Detroit.

The two of us talk football at the gym and how terrible our teams are, so to make sure we have some small doses of excitement this Sunday when the two teams meet, we have put together a bet that I wanted to share with Eagle listeners:

If the Detroit Lions win:

Captain Jack will profess his love for Ethan as the best and most "handsome" trainer (Ethan's words) on the radio everyday for a week, and will include a story on the website about his top notch training abilities...while being "handsome."

If the Chicago Bears win:

Ethan must run a 6:45 mile on the treadmill, and then immediately hop down and eat a dozen Krispy Kremes (he hates them) in that same time.

For the record, this is what Ethan looks like now:


What a bizarre NFL season it's been so far. With all on the injuries, and COVID cases, no fans, etc....I guess we have to make our OWN fun.

With our favorite football teams being, you guessed it, terrible, we now have something to cheer for.

Good luck Ethan, I'm really working for the puke factor on my side of the bet...Bear Down!

BTW, check out this video of Ethan's journey...Awesome stuff!

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