If this thief in Illinois followed the rule of don't get high on your supply, she might not be in jail right now.

Illinois Thief Arrested Smoking Weed Behind The Store She Just Stole It From

I would dare say the majority of lawbreakers in Illinois could easily be put in the dumb criminal category because of committing stupid crimes. Here's the latest example I just found out about and this suspect is not too bright.

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The incident happened at the Smoke Shop Superstore in Joliet. The suspect is from Sugar Grove which is nowhere near that area. So she drove quite the distance to be a knucklehead and get arrested.

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After hours, the thief pulled around to the back of the store. She had a bunch of tools to break into this smoke shop. When the suspect broke in, she unknowingly set off the alarm. The local police immediately responded to the call.

Thief Busted Robbing Smoke Shop

When the officers arrived at the crime scene they spotted a suspicious vehicle parked behind the smoke shop that was just robbed. The suspect was sitting in the car while testing out some of the products that she had just stolen. That's a brilliant move.

The police searched her vehicle for clues. It's a dumb criminal so they didn't have to look too hard. There were a couple of thousands of dollars of stolen cannabis sitting on the driver's side seat along with the tools to break into the joint. She'll have some much time in jail to think about it.


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Say cheese, Illinois!

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