I believe fishing should be something fun to do but some people take it way too seriously, luckily there's a tournament in Illinois that's all about the good time.

The Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament In Illinois Announces Dates

The minute I saw the name of this fishing tournament in Illinois it caught my eye. I'm not even into fishing. I haven't done it since I was a kid. My friends who enjoy it as a hobby take it way too seriously. If they would invite me to participate in this one, I would join their team.

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This unique Illinois event is called The Redneck Fishing Tournament. It's held at the Illinois River in the town of Bath (gotta love that name). This year it will be held on August 2nd and 3rd.

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This isn't your typical fishing tournament. The rules for this derby go along with the name redneck. For this event, you don't use poles, just nets. There isn't much skill needed to participate because the fish will come to you.

Betty DeFord is the founder of the tournament. She likes to go boating but there was a problem on the Illinois River. That is the invasive species, Asian carp. They jump out of the water, land in the boat, and often injure passengers.

DeFord thought this would help decrease the population of these trash fish, have some fun, and support a great cause. The tournament benefits homeless veterans in the area. This event is a lot more than trying to catch flying fish with a net.

Original Redneck Fishing Tournament

There is a costume contest for the participants and many groups come up with a theme. Most of the boats are decorated. You can check out live music. Most importantly, there's plenty of ice-cold beer flowing. It sounds like a great time.

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