America's most majestic birds have a nest close to home.

This time of year I love to watch the Decorah Eagle Cam. It is a live stream where mommy and daddy bald eagles create their family. It's even more special to me this year as my husband and I are growing our family by one this year. Ah, the circle of life.

As I'm writing this, the eagle babies have already hatched and are incredibly beautiful. You can tell they are still young as mature eagles have the white heads.

If you haven't checked in on the eagles, I highly suggest you do so.

I've only seen bald eagles in real life a handful of times, at the zoo.

That is all going to change for me today.

According to ABC7, a bald eagle was spotted guarding it's nest a little west of Kirkland on Memorial Day weekend.

The eagle has been spotted off Irene Road near Highway 72.

Brian Jennings spotted the birds and took these incredible photos.

Looks like I'll have to drive that way today and see if I can find the eagle!

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