I was forwarded some info a couple weeks ago that really left me scratching my head.

Photo Captain Jack
Photo Captain Jack

Put yourself in my shoes, when you read this:

For over 30 years Hoo Haven Wildlife has been rescuing the lives of North American Wildlife right here in Rockford IL. Over the years we have become the designated Illinois Bald Eagle Recovery Center.  Karen the owner of Hoo Haven has worked countless hours and months with Captain Jack the Bald Eagle. On Thursday April 6th at Prairie Street Bewhouse there is a night of wine tasting, hoarders, and you will get to be in the same room as a Bald Eagle. - Hoo Haven Events


So the event for "Captain Jack The Bald Eagle" is April 6th at Prairie Street Brewhouse. This will be Captain Jack's first public appearance. For tickets and more info about this event go here Hoo Haven

So I reached out to Donald Czyzyk from Hoo Haven and I explained how much I wanted to meet "Captain Jack The Bald Eagle".

Check this out!




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