An Ashton, Illinois woman was arrested for a domestic violence call where she used a tool as a weapon. MyStateline

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office announced that Jennifer Cagle was arrested after she stabbed a person with a screwdriver. Authorities arrived on the scene after receiving a domestic violence call in the village of Ashton, Illinois.

Les Cunliffe

It was learned when the cops arrived that a screwdriver (Philips or flathead?) was used as a weapon and stabbed an individual. When officers tried to approach Cagle to calm the situation and place her under arrest, she apparently had more in the tank.

Les Cunliffe

Cagle resisted arrest when cops showed up. Not only that but she attacked and battered officers that were trying to take her into custody. But wait, there's more...She also hit a paramedic from the Ashton Illinois Ambulance crew. Dang, Jennifer.


Finally after she put up a battle, Jennifer Cagle was handcuffed and taken away by Lee County Sheriff's Department. Jennifer Cagle was arrested on a variety of charges:

aggravated domestic battery

aggravated battery to a police officer

aggravated battery to a health care professional

obstructing a peace officer with injury

resisting or obstructing a police officer

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Needless to say. Cagle should be behind bars for a while.

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