An Illinois man received an 18 month prison sentence for supplying his son with a gun. WIFR

Jeffrey Reinking of Morton, Illinois is in big trouble for supplying his son with an assault rifle. Back in May, Jeffery was found guilty of giving this weapon to his son, that he used to kill four people at a Tennessee Waffle House.

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The judge sentenced Mr. Reinking to 18 years in prison for supplying an assault rifle to his son, that HE KNEW suffered from a mental illness. Check this story out...

Back in 2016, authorities were called to a parking lot in Morton, Illinois. The son in this, Travis Reinking, said that Taylor Swift was stalking him and she had hacked into his cell phone. Travis was taken to a hospital in Peoria, without Taylor by his side.

Taylor Swift Drama
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But the attorney for Travis said that he did not know that his son had mental issues...Uh huh.

So because of Travis's mental health issues, he had his FOID card revoked.  So, the dad did the whole gun thing for him. WTH.

Travis Reinking was sentenced to life on prison without the chance for parole. Four counts of murder in the 1st degree, was the charge.  He used his rifle inside the Waffle House on April 22, 2018, killing:

Taurean Sanderlin

Joey Perez

Akilah Dasilva

DeEbony Groves

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