A missing Illinois man was found this past Saturday. WIFR

After three days of not being located, Daniel Elkinton of Genoa, Illinois was reported missing.


The last time Mr. Elkinton was seen, was around 3:45pm on Friday Feb 24th 2023, when we was leaving his place on employment in Hampshire, Illinois. The last contact that he had with anyone was approx. three hours later with phone contact, with his family.

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There has been a community of volunteers leading a search to find Mr. Elkinton that started a day later. Around 50 folks covered as much ground as possible to find Daniel Elkington.

With a 50 person search, also a team of Bloodhounds doing work, it was a form of technology that helped locate the missing man.

His phone, wallet, and keys were all found in his home...as well as his cat. It was stated that Daniel would never just leave his cat without making sure it was taken care of.

This video has been posted to YouTube regarding the search:

Unfortunately Mr. Elkinton's body was discovered in the Kishwaukee River. WIFR is reporting that "foul play" in not suspected. The items left at his home may raise questions, but hopefully family and friends will have answers soon.

The work of drone's helped to located the body of Mr. Elkinton. He was found approx 100 feet south of a pedestrian bridge in Carroll Park which is in DuPage County.

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