The police in Wisconsin experienced something very rare recently, it was a drunk driver leading them on a slow speed chase.

Can You Get Arrested For Driving Too Slow In Wisconsin?

It seems like a weird question to ask because normally drivers are flying down the road and usually going over the speed limit. But my answer is, yes you can. I remember a couple of years ago, I met a guy from Rockford. He shared his memory of Alpine Valley Music Theater with me. He was coming back from a concert. This guy had no business driving because he was drunk. On the way home, he was going 40 mph on the highway. The first state trooper to spot him arrested the guy for driving too slow and add a DUI on top of that. That's not cool.

Wisconsin Driver Gets Ticket For Driving Too Slow

Wisconsin Police Lead On Slow-Speed Chase

In Pleasant Prairie, police were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle that was driving erratically. When the officers went to pull over the car, the driver refused. The person behind the wheel was drunk. They were trying to drive safely, so they went under the speed limit. I'm talking way below. Not topping 25 mph. That will definitely attract attention to themselves.

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The Wisconsin police received a combo with this arrest. Not only did this driver get arrested for driving too slowly but was also under the influence of alcohol. When asked why he was driving so slowly, the suspect admitted he was afraid of getting a DUI. Now, that's ironic.

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