A person once told me, you don't see a lot of stories about smart people getting arrested on the news.

I'm a huge fan of "Dumb Crime" stories. They just crack me up.

Here's another good one from news-gazette.com,

"A Danville man stopped for speeding ended up being charged with a drug-related felony after a trooper found almost 2 pounds of cannabis in his car."

I highly discourage any sort of wrongdoing, but there is a big lesson to be learned with this incident.

If for some reason you end up transporting two pounds of marijuana, don't speed. You are just asking to get pulled over.

"The trooper noted the strong odor of cannabis coming from the car."

Guess what, two pounds of weed is going to smell. Don't attract attention to yourself.

"The search also turned up $1,623 in cash."

You might as well hang a sign on your car that says, "Bust me, I'm a drug dealer."

My suggestion is to "Just say no."

That's why they call it dope.

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