Another name just got added to the list of Chicago Bears quarterbacks history.

I grew up being a Chicago Bears fan. My family has season tickets since 1982. I've been to both Super Bowls. Of course, I also own tons of gear.

It seems like it doesn't matter what they do, year after year there is still a quarterback issue. I can't figure out why.

You know you've had quarterback issues, when your best in team history played in the 1940's, which is Sid Luckman.

The other name everybody brings up is Jim McMahon, because he won the Super Bowl. Besides that, he spent more time hurt than actually playing.

I never knew any actual Green Bay Packers fans until I moved to Rockford. It's still a strange concept to me, people in Illinois that like the Packers.

It seems like year after year, they have one of the best quarterbacks in league. It's not fair, they went from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. It's very rare for a team to go back to back with future Hall of Fame players.

So yesterday, the Chicago Bears made another chapter in their quarterback history. They released Jay Cutler and signed Mike Glennon from Tampa Bay.

I started thinking about all the Bear quarterbacks that have played during the Packer Favre / Rodgers era.

Here is my list of favorite Chicago Bear quarterback flops.

1. Rick Mirer - Traded a first round draft pick for him and then sign him to a multi-million dollar three year extension. He made it through one season and didn't even start every game.

2. Cade McNown - First round draft pick. Huge bust. Rumor was he never studied the playbook and he played like it.

3. Chris Chandler - Signed as a free agent. His nickname should have been fragile. Everytime he played he would either get hurt or a concussion.

4. Kordell Stewart - Another free agent signing. Lasted one season. At times, looked like he never played the position before.

5. Jonathan Quinn - With very little playing experience, he was signed by the Bears to be the starter and run a fancy new offense. That didn't work. Played only a couple of games and was gone after the season.

6. Rex Grossman - First round draft pick. Never lived up to the hype. Lost the Super Bowl. Got to give him credit for being in the league for twelve seasons with very limited playing time.

7. Bob Avellini - Legendary bad quarterback for bad Bear teams. In his career, had over twice as many interceptions as touchdowns.

8. Doug Flutie - He ended up having a good career after he left the Bears. Unfortunately, they traded for him after McMahon got hurt and forced him into action. It didn't pay off.

9. Peter Tom Willis - Third round draft pick. He was a back-up and never developed into anything. He went on to play in the Arena Football League.

10. Brian Griese - Big free agent signing for the team. He couldn't beat out Rex Grossman to be the starter.

That's just to name a few. There are still so many that could be mentioned.

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