Sometimes I just want to be left alone.

Poll: Nearly Half of all Illinois Residents Want to Leave the State

Outdoors or indoors, the state of Illinois can provide some alone time that maybe you need. There are so many locations to escape reality or still be around people but be alone, if that makes sense.

I found a great list of 9 Places in the State of Illinois for People that want to be left alone. Check these out and then I will give you my hiding spot, north of the border.

  • The tiny town of Fults - Population 26.
  • The secluded Rocky Comfort Cabins in Makanda - Live like a hobbit
  • The peaceful Jarvis Beach in Chicago - Quietest beach in Chicago
  • Buffalo Rock State Park in Ottawa - Used to be an island in the middle of the Illinois River
  • Less busy international airport, Midway - Airports suck, but the amount of faces is dramatically smaller than O'hare
  • The calmer lake in Chain O'Lakes, Bluff Lake - Sandbar Bar and Grille is nearby this less crowded location, with a great lake view
  • Millstone Bluff Trail - This almost a mile trial is very peaceful
  • Private wine tastings at Lasata Wines - Ten types of wine
  • Sybaris in Northbrook - Just look it up

Now my own little private get away, it is north of the border in Racine, Wi. There is an extremely quiet, clean,  long stretch of beach that is connected to Lake Michigan. 100% worth the drive.



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