Of people that use marijuana, 8 in 10 exercises while using it.

Spring has finally arrived. Many people have started their work out programs. Especially, since they can now go outside.

Some athletic types will also have special diets. That might include supplements.

I don't think this is the sort of herbal help the experts would recommend.

According to thedenverchannel.com,

"8 in 10 marijuana users combine pot and exercise."

It may be surprising to you. More people that smoke weed work out than ones who get high and don't exercise. Plus, there are more people who get high and work out than people who don't smoke and exercise.

The study surveyed 600 adult cannabis users. Here's what the research found out.

  • 82% One hour before and up to four hours after
  • 67% Before and after.
  • 78% Helped body recover.
  • 70% More enjoyable.
  • 52% Motivates.
  • 38% Enhances performance.

The typical stereotype of a "pothead" is being lazy but this research suggests the opposite.

When cannabis is finally legal in Illinois, will we see more people on the bike path?


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