We all know that winter is a great time to go skiing, tubing, or snowmobiling, but did you know it's a great time for 'fat tire' biking too?

What Is Fat Tire Biking?

Yesterday I saw this video on Travel Wisconsin's Facebook and I was instantly fascinated...

Before we get into the Wisconsin trail featured in that video, let's dive into what fat tire biking is all about. According to femmecyclist.com;

A fat bike is any bicycle with tires that are are 4-inches or wider–often up 5-inches. These tires can be run at very low pressure and allow you to ride on snow or sand.

Essentially, a fat tire bike is a mountain bike with wider tires that provide more stability and traction in all kinds of terrains. Femme Cyclist's article does say you can attempt winter biking on a mountain bike with plus-sized tires, (2.6 to 3.2 inches wide), but warns that most winter biking trails won't allow anything less than tires that are 4 inches wide. Obviously, you need to dress for the cold, and having flat pedals with pins on your bike is highly recommended.

Best Trails for Fat Tire Biking in Wisconsin

Now, let's get to one of the best trails for fat tire biking in Wisconsin. It's called WinMan Trails.

Located in Winchester, Wisconsin, WinMan Trails spans over 1,300 acres of private and public land that are open for your enjoyment all year long. The winter fat tire biking at WinMan Trails covers 9 miles of their best groomed and flowing forest trails, and there's even a chalet featuring a cozy fireplace and a bar for you to warm up at after your ride.

If fat tire biking seems like something you need to try, and WinMan Trails feels like the place you need to go... but you don't want to invest in a fat tire bike quite yet, Rivers Edge Lodge and Outfitters is located nearby and has fat tire bikes to rent!

Happy Biking!

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