Sunday night at the Coronado Performing Arts Center, the music of Led Zeppelin was alive and well.

Photo - Kevin McCarthy
Photo - Kevin McCarthy

"The American Led Zeppelin" brought it, big time Sunday night. They don't do the wigs, outfits, etc. They simply play Led Zeppelin really, really good. Get The Led Out takes pride in their musicianship and their performance.

Here are 7 Things I learned at Get the Led Out at The Coronado:

  • The Coronado is STILL my favorite place in Rockford
  • The music of Led Zeppelin is alive and well
  • The lead singer was Glenn Hughes meets Jim Morrison
  • The 3rd Guitarist and keyboard player was in a 90's Alternative band, or at least looked like it
  • Overwhelming to meet such great Eagle listeners, 18 year old Eagle listeners
  • The song "Hot Dog" live was amazing
  • An acoustic circle jam was exactly what I needed to wrap up the weekend

I really hope we can get them back to Rockford soon. If you missed to show, here's a clip from Get The Led Out playing in Brooklyn.



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