A game-changer for Illinois could be the opening of the first marijuana lounge in the state.

Legal Marijuana Lounges In Illinois

Illinois does have legal recreational cannabis but even so, some of the laws are restrictive. For Instance, you can purchase weed at a dispensary but you can not smoke it there. You have to take it back to the comforts of your own home.

There were no "pot-themed" bars anywhere in the state. That is where you can order marijuana off a menu and smoke it right at your table. Kind of like ordering a beer at your local tavern.

Some rumors have been floating around the "Land of Lincoln" that some cities in Illinois including Chicago have been considering allowing marijuana lounges. Up to this point, no one has stepped up to the plate to give it a try.

The state government seemed to be discouraging it. I say, "do it" because you might as well go in. Plus, think how much more revenue would be earned in cannabis sales.

First Legal Marijuana Lounge Opens In Illinois

A brave business in Illinois finally made its move. They opened the very first legal marijuana lounge in the state. The funny part is you might be surprised where it is located. The small southern Illinois town of Sesser is home to the Luna Lounge.

I believe all it takes is one to get the ball rolling. Once it has success which I think will happen, other entrepreneurs in Illinois will open their own locations. I am guessing by the end of the year that marijuana lounges will become a "thing" in Illinois.

Video: Illinois' first on-site cannabis lounge set to open in Sesser


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