Nothing makes me feel better than a great workout.




You are healthier, you're losing weight, feeling stronger, but do you sweat all over the place and stink the joint up?

I'll admit there has been times that I left the gym and thought dude, you really worked up a healthy lather. Or maybe just maybe my workout brought out a funky, nasty smelling me. There are gym rules people.

Now the reason I bring this up, is for one specific reason. I go do cardio early in the morning before work. I go on an empty stomach, "fasted cardio" and there are three older gentlemen that are also working out. These dudes wear a ton of cologne, like it smells like an 8th grade dance.

  • When you get sweaty wipe it up
  • Gym-timidator don't be one
  • If someone asks if they can work in with you, say yes
  • Re-racking weights, do it
  • We can all hear you, keep the grunts down
  • Personal space, gimmie mine
  • Shower time is private time
  • Did you get a whiff -  see above
  • Should you be wearing that
  • Is this a flex zone
  • There are some exercises you can’t or shouldn’t do, stay safe
  • Classroom Super Star, calm don't Arnold
  • Hair dryers are for your head



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