This takes "pumping iron" to a strange place.

Steve Frost
Steve Frost

As you are getting ready to hit a gym here in town, imitating this man from Germany is not a good idea. We've all seen the guy that isn't as strong as he thinks he is. Or maybe the guy that is dressed the part but that's really it. How about the dude that talks way too much at the gym. I would take ALL OF THEM over this fella.

The five pound weight plate needed the help of a grinder and a hydraulic saw to free the "member". Three hours and 50 squat thrusts later, the fire department was able to free the "worm", in Worm.

After the release, the German fire department issued a statement on their Facebook page:

"Bitte solche Aktionen nicht nachmachen!"

Which translates to:

"Please do not imitate such actions!"


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