Nice weather, less clothes. Are you in "summer" shape?

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With the sun out, the guns are out. Temps are going up and summer will be here before you know it. With warm weather comes shorts, t-shirts, and a need to be in better shape.

There are so many great gyms and trainers in the Rockford area. People and facilities that are willing to get you over your fitness hump and get you in way better shape. Whether you want to be in "runner" shape, build muscle, lose fat, or simply just be healthier, there is something for you in Rockford. (For the record Traci House kicks my butt)

If you have been busting your butt in the gym or in a class, but the results just aren't there pay attention. There are things you have to do besides showing up. Like with weight loss, there isn't a magic pill. When you want workout and see change, you can't just show up.

  • You Aren't Paying Attention - Focus on the workout at hand, if you are going to take the time to be there do the work.
  • You Aren't Working Hard Enough - Trainers are trainers for a reason, listen up.
  • You Aren't Competing With Yourself - This isn't a competition against others. Losing weight, making gains is you against you.
  • You Don't Accept What You Can't Change - Everyone's body is different. You can't look like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, only he can.
  • You Reward Workouts With Food - Abs are made in the kitchen, if you want to keep making gains watch the kitchen closely.




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