A new study says instead of grabbing a protein shake after your workout, grab a cold beer.

Captain Jack couldn't believe this when I told him about this article. A new study says that beer is awesome, which we all know, but it's even better after your workout.

Ljupco, Think Stock

According to VinePair, Charlie Bamforth, who is a professor of brewing sciences at University of California, Davis says:

...when consumed in moderation, beer contains nutrients, among them selenium (which contains antioxidants), B vitamins (which aid in energy), phosphorus (which is said to help with strong bones and teeth), and niacin (which is possibly beneficial to cholesterol). Moreover, beer packs in a good amount of protein, a bit of fiber, and silicon, which some sources say can prevent osteoporosis. These are all nutrients that are ideal for your body to consume after hitting the gym.


Well that all sounds great to me! For some strange reason, it makes complete sense to me. I always thought that a genius should start a gym with a bar next door. Half of the time I head to the local bar, there are a ton of guys chugging beer after their workouts anyways.

I read the previous excerpt to Captain Jack, Mr. Working-Out-Healthy-Self, and he seemed very skeptical. He told me to Google how many grams of protein are in a light beer and it's only 1.6 grams. He would have to drink 31.25 beers to get that much protein. I think he failed to look past the benefits, largest being, DRINK BEER.

The specific beer that the article says you should drink after a workout is something like Founder's All Day IPA. Ugh, O.K.!

Even though you may be thinking, but Lori there are so many calories in beer! Well yeah, but the beer you drink after your workout shouldn't be an appetizer, you should think of it as a small meal, like a protein shake according to VinePair.

Well, I guess it's enough information for me to be convinced. I'll make sure to stop by the bar after my next work out.