Man sleeping
Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

Napercise is a new healthy lifestyle that everyone can participate in.

There is finally a new healthy lifestyle that everyone can participate in, no matter your physical fitness.

It's called "Napercise."

According to,


"Encourages calorie burning while taking an afternoon snooze." 

"Involves about 15 minutes of relaxation-oriented exercises paired with 45 minutes of napping."

This sounds really exciting to me. I'm not much of a workout guy, but I can crush some naps. In fact I'm so good at napping, I take one everyday.

You have to remember. I work with Captain Jack. The guy is a beast. He works out twice a day and all he ever eats is chicken and rice. I can't compete with that.

When it comes to napping, I can for sure take him.

Imagine if this thing took off. There would be "Napercise" classes all over the place like at the YMCA and Peak Fitness.

Next thing you know, there would be "Napercise" studios opening up along North Second Street next to all the Shot Machine parlors.

Rockford would become "Nap Strong!"


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