We've all been there, counting the days till payday or an emergency arises and leaves you strapped for cash. 


When money gets tight, one of the easiest places people cut back is the grocery store. And if you made a New Year's Resolution to eat healthier this year, hitting the drive through dollar menu isn't really the best option. Sure those fries may only be a dollar, but how much harder will you have to hit the gym for them. That is is being healthier was you resolution.

I didn't make any resolutions this year, maybe because I know I never keep them. But I do have a family to shop for and I'm a total cheapskate, so saving money is something I love to do. And if you've been grocery shopping lately you've probably noticed prices on some items have gone up. Or even just buying healthier foods can make your total a lot more than you can afford.

Thanks to sites like Pinterest, folks who aren't the best cooks (like myself) can now find a recipe for just about anything. Which makes things a lot easier, believe me. On your next trip to the store, keep this list in mind and hopefully it will help you save a little green.

Simplemost.com suggests these 10 items are the best to purchase when you have limited cash flow: 

  1. Oats - They average out at about $3 per pound and are a good source of fiber. Plus thanks to Pinterest you can find ways to make them not just for breakfast.
  2. Lentils - I love lentils!! They're sort of like a bean and super high in protein. They'll also only run you a little under $2 for a pound. I have a great taco recipe I make with lentils, just be careful they tend to make one gassy.
  3. Brown Rice - Only $1.99 per pound they're great to mix with veggies, bulk up meals, or to use in bean chili. They also help lower your cholesterol.
  4. Potatoes - They can run as low as $1 per pound and can be used in dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sure they're not the best thing for you when covered in oil and cheese, but it's ok to live a little.
  5. Frozen Vegetables - They are normally close in price to canned, but you get more for your money. They're also picked at the peak of freshness so it's like buying fresh only you don't have to worry about them spoiling right away. Which I can tell you will help save you money in the long run.
  6. Chicken Thighs - Switch from Chicken Breast to Thighs and save yourself some money. Plus they're easier to cook with and taste just as good as the chicken breasts you'd normally get.
  7. Canned Tuna - Great on a sandwich or in a salad and are under a buck a can. Because they're high omega-3 fatty acids, they're also good for heart health.
  8. Beans - Not only do they make a funny song but dried, uncooked beans cost normally $1.99 per pound. Since it's cold out that means its chili weather, where beans work great.
  9. Peanut Butter - Because who doesn't love a PB & J, also peanut butter is a sweet way to get protein. Also a source of antioxidants which will help fight off winter illness.
  10. Eggs - An average large dozen of eggs costs $1.68 and the egg is an incredible, editable food practical for any meal. Breakfast for Dinner nights are always fun too!

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