If one of your favorite hobbies is getting your grub on, there are some great festivals that you have to check out in Illinois.

The Top 10 Food Festivals In Illinois

Besides crooked politicians, mobsters, and bad sports teams Illinois is actually known for something good. That is food. You can find delicious original meals throughout the state, especially in Chicago.

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People travel from all over the world to Illinois just to sample our food. Some of the greatest chefs of all time are from our state. One of my favorite things about eating in Illinois is the diversity. There are so many different flavors and styles available.

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Another great thing about Illinois is all the festivals. You can find one to attend pretty much every weekend. Once again, they come in a wide variety. Plus, they're always a really good time with family or friends.

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What's better than festivals or food in Illinois? That is a food festival. We've got plenty of those in our state too. It's a great opportunity to sample all kinds of different styles and genres. The only problem is getting too full and not feeling great.

There are so many amazing food festivals in Illinois it's hard to pick which ones to attend. I thought I would give you a helping hand and give you somewhere to start. Here are the top 10 food festivals in Illinois...

Chicago Tribune


Taste of Chicago

Taco and Margarita Fest

Taste Of Joliet

Veggie Fest

Northshore Taco Fest

Food Bazaar

Windy City Smokeout

Food Truck Festival

Chicago Gourmet

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