What's better than a tasty treat? How about two? Even better, two combined together for a delicious concoction.

The 5 Best Root Beer Floats In Illinois

Isn't it funny how some things from your childhood you can remember like it was yesterday? While others you have no recollection what's so ever. Sometimes it takes a moment to click on one of those thoughts in your brain.

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For example, until recently I had no memories of having my very first root beer when I was a kid. Then a couple of days ago, my wife and her co-workers made some to celebrate someone's birthday. All of a sudden, I had a flashback.

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When I was a young kid, my dad worked days and my mom went to her job at night. That way they didn't have to pay for childcare. Money was pretty tight back in those days for our family.

scoop of vanilla ice cream

My uncle, who was my mom's youngest brother was still in high school. He really liked rock music and going to shows. My grandma thought he was too young to go with just friends so the only way she would let him is if my dad took him. He was a big concert fan too.

My grandma was a nurse so she worked long hours. The only time she would offer to babysit me was when my dad would take my uncle to concerts. Well, they were going to see Led Zeppelin in Chicago so I was at her house.


That night my grandma said, we are having Black Cows. That's what she called root beer floats. I can now totally remember the first sip. It was so delicious. I've been a big fan ever since.

Here are the 5 best root beer floats in Illinois...

The Root Beer Stand in Oglesby

Ace Drive-In in Joliet

Lindy's Chili and Gertie's Ice Cream in Bridgeview

Richmond Dog N Suds in Richmond

Lou's Drive-In in Peoria

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