In Wisconsin, you can only get married at this incredibly unique, 24-person church in the summer.

This weekend I went to a wedding at one of the most unique wedding venues I've ever been to. The wedding was held at the zoo, which I didn't even know you could have a wedding at a zoo!

It was so incredible to have such private time with the animals during cocktail hour. All of the animals were so up close and personal that you really felt as if you were truly walking with the animals. The reception was held in an equally unique area inside the zoo. It will be something I never forget.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, something out of the ordinary, you don't have to look too far. You just have to really want a quaint and private summer wedding.

In Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin sits a small chapel in the woods named All Saints' Chapel.


The chapel only has 24 seats, so an intimate wedding is a must. Plus, wedding are only celebrated between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so make sure you want a summer wedding!

The Gothic chapel was built in 1951 out of native field stone. There are giant wooden beams on the inside and the floor is a particular slate which make it an incredible, one of a kind venue.

You have GOT to see what this incredible chapel looks like on the inside.

Isn't that the most beautiful place you have ever seen!?