Postponing a wedding can now be done in a trendy way.

Please, don't take this the wrong way. I really do feel awful for those couples that have their wedding planned but they have to postpone it because of COVID-19.

It's a special day and you want it to be perfect. It takes months of planning. To have that all blow up it your face would be a horrible feeling. Especially, with something completely out of your control like the virus.

Of course, there are the people that make it more of a show. We all have attended that kind of love showcase. You know, where there's a year's worth of events leading up to the actual wedding. Anything that anyone has ever done to celebrate their nuptials has to be done by this future bride and groom..

There's now even a way for a couple like this to announce the postponement of their ceremony. It has officially become a "thing."

It's called "Change The Date Card." Check it out on this video about it from CBS Chicago.

I guess it's a clever idea but I'm sure some people will take it over the top.

If this works, then what's next? I have a few ideas for other types of announcements people can start sending out.

  • The wedding is off because we broke up.
  • Oops, we're pregnant.
  • We are moving in together, but don't tell Grandma we're living in sin.
  • No presents please, just send cash.
  • If you missed the first wedding, here's your second chance.


Video: Mayor Tom McNamara Discusses Impact of COVID-19 In Rockford

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