This past Sunday, things got a little "witchy" in Chicago.

Harz Region, Known For Witches, Celebrates Walpurgis Night
Getty Images - Thomas Lohnes

To protest is American. To have a voice and an opinion on a topic and to be able to PEACEFULLY share it, is what this country is all about. Also it truly doesn't matter who you are. Young, old, black, white, even a witch.

According to Chicagoist things got a little witchy near the Trump Tower in Chicago as actual witches gathered to protest.

On Sunday thousands of people march through the Loop in Chicago to mark the one-month anniversary of the Trump inauguration. Near by in it's own little protest, witches gathered and joined hands to protest Donald Trump.

Those that took part in this witch gathering dressed in black or wore capes. Signs read,  "We usher in the demise of patriarchy" and "We usher in the demise of white supremacy".

My favorite part is that they claim to have casted a "hex and protective spell". So hey thanks ladies, just keep your "hex and protective spell" away from me.





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