Tina Fox or "Hundo" as I call her, has some strange habits and I am going to sell her out.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Let's start at the beginning with Tina Fox, I met her 16 years ago. Tina was in 7th grade and was a "job shadow" at my former radio job. I put her on the air, bought her Subway, we talked pro wrestling, and as the story goes I never returned any of her calls.

Tina was SURE she was going to be in radio and I gave her the "sure kid". Well, I guess I was wrong. Believe me, I have apologized.

Now that we work together, and get along great I thought I would share with you 4 of Tina's weird habits.

  • Paper Towels - At any given time, Tina will pull a paper towel out of her pocket. Always ready to clean up her coffee mess I guess.
  • Petting Dogs - If you are out with your dog, she will pet it. Doesn't matter when or where she HAS TO pet your dog.
  • She Smells Things - O.K., this one is strange. She smells everything. Her hands, your hands, your jacket, your mom's jacket.
  • Rubbing her Thumb Nails - Tina's thumb nails are jacked, and on top of that she rubs them all the time. Now that I know she does it, I watch it. Who's the weird one now?

Tina "Hundo" Fox is awesome, a little odd but awesome. Oh, and she is horrible at guessing flavors...check this out:


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