Now that I have your attention, I wonder how many could pass this intense FBI test.


Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

So the FBI has a grueling physical test that you must pass, so a handful of weekend warriors, I guess you could say "Everyday Women" took this physical test to see if they would pass.

Here are the rules:

  • You must earn one point in all four events
  • You also must score a total of at least 12

Here are the individual physical tests:

  • Sit-Ups in one minute - You must get a minimum of 35 to score one point
  • 300 meter dash - Must finish with a time between 64.9 - 62.5 to score one point
  • Push-ups without stopping - Must get 14-18 to score one point
  • 1.5 Mile run - Must get a time on 13:59 - 13:35 to score one point

Here is the video of how these everyday women did at the the full FBI test:


I gave Tina Fox the option of one of the four tests, she chose push-ups. Can Tina Fox get 14-18 in one minute? Watch and see.



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