For most of Wisconsin, Halloween only comes once a year but for this town nicknamed "The Second Salem" hauntings and witchcraft are a regular thing.

Wisconsin Town Could Be Considered Real-Life Halloween Town

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For those wanting to experience a real-life ghost story this Halloween, a much more hair-raising reality can be found under two hours away in the town of Whitewater.


Nicknamed “Second Salem” after the notorious town near Boston renowned for its 1692 witch trials and subsequent executions, Whitewater in Wisconsin has its own repertoire of creepy tales associated with witchcraft.

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Whitewater's Top Haunted Locations

Hamilton House

    • Haunted by a mother and her son. Guests hear humming and items seem to move on their own. It's now a bed and breakfast.

The Winchester House 

  • The original owner was cursed by a witch so he's an angry ghost. Witnesses have seen lights flashing on and off. Plus, sometimes shadows in the windows at night. It's now a realty office.

Hillside Cemetery

  • At the top of the property, there is a mausoleum for Mary Worth. She was a witch that haunts the cemetery. Strange things have been experienced at night.

Starin Park Historic Water Tower

  • Also, known as The Witches Tower. Many years ago, it was used as a place where witches would meet. Interesting fact about the fence around the structure. The spikes at the top are pointing in to keep anyone from getting out as opposed to keeping intruders from coming in. Noises and shadows have been experienced around Halloween every year.

University of Whitewater Greenhill Center of Arts

  • There have been many ghost encounters by the students in this building. Elevators operating with no one around. Hammering sounds. Furniture being moved. There's a good chance you'll experience something if you're hanging out late at night.

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