The summer is the best time to head up to Wisconsin for a good time because they host some of the best festivals in the entire United States.

Wisconsin Is Famous For Its Summer Festivals

Make fun of Wisconsin all you want but when it comes to having a good time they have the art mastered. Their biggest city, Milwaukee, is nicknamed the City of Festivals. Those folks know how to party.

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I believe Wisconsin is so good at festivals because they understand the concept and what people enjoy doing. Residents love their booze so you never have to worry about running out of beer. The people live on comfort food so you never have to worry about being served some foo foo meal. Finally, they have a good taste in music. What else do you need?

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3 Can't-Miss Festivals In Wisconsin

# 1 Summerfest 

I'm going to start with the granddaddy of them all and that's Summerfest in Milwaukee. I honestly don't think you can top it. They host an unbelievable line-up of bands featuring music from every genre. Then top it off with amazing food and beverages. It will make your summer. I go every year.

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# 2 Harley Davidson Homecoming Festival

Milwaukee is the home of Harley Davidson so why wouldn't they host a huge party? They used to only do them for a big anniversary but now it's a yearly thing. I went last year and had an awesome time. They hold it in a park right on Lake Michigan. Just a pretty backdrop for the event. They have the essentials music, beer, and food but throw in thousands of motorcycles.

# 3 Wisconsin State Fair

I finally got the chance to check the Wisconsin State Fair last year. It didn't disappoint. It went above and beyond expectations. There were endless booths of delicious food. I think the biggest problem was trying to figure out what to eat because there was no way to have everything. Grab the family and take them this summer.

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