Kevin Hansen was dining with his family and his friends and when his steak arrived at his table, he told the waitress it was a little "too done," and returned it. The cook did not think it was and got pretty upset by the customers request. SG


Meat isn't cooked properly, send it back and get a new one. No problem, right? Wrong. Keven Hanson took his new steak to go, and when he opened it up to eat it the following day...something didn't look right.

Rockford Steak House Closed
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Stuffed in the middle of the new steak...pubic hair! (Insert puke sfx here)

The police were called and an investigation of the hairy steak was underway. When the police questioned the cook that was on duty, Ryan Kropp, he admitted adding "at least two of his facial hairs," to the man's steak. Other employees of the steak house did not back up his story. Michael Perkins a fellow employee, told police that Kropp told him that he was putting pubic hair on the guys steak because "he's just trying to get a free meal."

Beef Steak. Grill beef steak black lentils mixed with vegetable. Cognac or brandy as drink. Culinary food in hotel pub or restaurant

Additional stories were that it was in fact facial hairs, and not something from down south...either way, freakin' gross dude.

Beef steak on the grill

So Kropp was in fact arrested for putting "foreign objects in edibles" which gets you a maximum of 42 months in prison! I guess the "customer is always right" doesn't fly with Mr. Kropp, and now he has some time to think about it.

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