This winter in Wisconsin, popular bar fish fries are in jeopardy.

Friday Nights In Wisconsin

If you have spent any time in Wisconsin, well, you probably know about the fish fry. If not, here is the deal. Most little towns in Wisconsin have bar and restaurant combo places. On Friday nights, the majority host fish fries. Many people from the town will go there to eat. It is a huge deal. Without a good fish fry, they can not survive and will go out of business.


We Are Living In Strange Times

Unless you have been staying in a cave, I am sure you have noticed we live in some strange and difficult times. The food industry has especially been hurt. The supply chain has been massively screwed up. You walk through a grocery store and shelves are empty. Restaurants have adjusted menus because they can not get different kinds of food. I have never seen anything like it before.


Fish Fries Will Be The Next Shortage

We have gone through all kinds of different shortages over the past several months. I guess the next one is fish which will hurt the fish fry business.

According to, 

"While they're not going away, there may be less of them for some in the short-term."


"We're okay right now, but once 2022 comes around, when the Lenten season comes around, our demand doubles and their supply is expected to be cut in half."


"There's plenty of fish in the sea, Bodin said, but because of rising shipping container costs, shipping delays, and labor shortages, his company is struggling to get seafood to distributors who then moved it along to restaurants."

Hopefully, they will be able to right the ship before drastic measures have to take place. Otherwise, Friday nights in Wisconsin could look a lot different.

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