When you are a "prankster" and think you are funny, tell a dirty joke, or something that doesn't HARM another human. These Wisconsin morons received massive fines and jail time for trying to deliver a "prank," idiots. SG

James Yonkie and Keith Williamsen or Wisconsin were charged with putting foreign objects in edibles. These two idiots work at a Taco Bell, and saw a squad car pull into the drive thru. They thought they would be funny, or cute, or something...if they put sanitizer in the officer's Chalupa.

From the police report, he took a bite and his mouth started to heat up and get really sore. There was a burning sensation, and he could see the white powdery substance on the food.

The two the pulled this stupid "prank" knew it was a cop in the drive thru and were fully aware of what they did. They put sink sanitizer in the officer's food and their dumbasses paid the price.

The two in their reports to the authorities, pointed fingers are one another...Well he said let's do something, he said I have and idea, he joked about putting stuff in his order. The blame game like a couple little kids.

There was roughly 1/3 to a 1/4 of a packet put onto the officers food. They are very lucky that he didn't get REALLY sick or worse.

$10,000 fine and five year prison sentence later, the "prank" didn't work out too well.

Enjoy the alone time, idiots.

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