For a school district in Wisconsin, students are no longer allowed to bring treats to share.

In grade school, I looked forward to birthdays because each of my classmates would bring a treat to share. My Mom would bake my favorite, chocolate cookies.

When my daughter was that age, things were a little bit different. Homemade treats were no longer allowed. You had to bring something from a store.

Now, classroom treats are totally going away in some places.

According to,

"As school gets underway across Wisconsin, one district implemented a policy bringing students' health and wellness to the forefront. Appleton Area Schools no longer will allow students to bring in snacks to share with classmates."

I understand why they did it. There are too many children with severe food allergies and it's too risky.

I'm sure several more schools will be doing the same thing.

Don't worry, celebrating birthdays in class isn't completely going away. Each student gets to pick out special activity for that day.

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