Pretty sure this guy was the "butt" of every joke with the Milwaukee Police Department.

This Wisconsin man hid crack rocks where he was SURE no one would find them, up his butt. SG

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Jovon Williams was faced with a choice back in 2004, hide his drug from the cops or do a bunch of hard time. He finally "cracked" and did something I'm pretty sure he regretted.

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This is the exact quote from Mr. Williams...brace yourself, or clench for the reality of this statement:

 "I didn't want to get caught with that dope, I got 18 rocks, you would've done the same thing, I stuffed it way up my ass." - Jovon Williams

The 5'8" 270lbs Jovon, had 18 crack rocks and hid them where the sun doesn't shine. Milwaukee Police put Mr. Williams into the back of the squad car, ouch, sitting down SLOWLY...

Eventually he obviously told the truth about the location of the drugs, eww, and Jovon was taken to Sinai Samaritan Medical Center where it was up to doctors and nurses to remove the crack rocks. A physicians assistant was unable to retrieve the crack rocks because they were TOO FAR INTO HIS COLON.

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So what do you do now? How does law authority and medical types get the 18 crack rocks that dude put in his butt? You guessed it, they had to "wait." The medical professionals stated that Mr. Williams needed to "empty his bowels," to retrieve the crack rocks.

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