A guy tried stealing a flute from a music store in Janesville by putting it in his pants.

It's amazing to me what people will try to steal. It's even more ridiculous on how they attempt to do it.

This is a perfect example of that kind of craziness. In fact, this incident is so hilarious, it seems like a practical joke.

According to gazettextra.com,

"A shoplifter tried an unusual trick to steal a flute from a downtown Janesville music store, but store staff members didn’t fall for it. He took a $500 flute off of a display rack and then stuck it down the back of his pants and into his underwear."

Twitter Page...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The movie,
American Pie... "One time, at band camp."

"The staff could plainly see the shiny, silver flute sticking out of the man’s waistband as he walked around the store, pretending to browse. It was so blatant. His jacket was up. He didn’t even bother to pull it down. You could see the price tag and everything." 

"An employee walked out from behind the counter and pulled the flute up out of the man’s pants. The thief replied "That’s where I always keep my flute." He escaped the store before they could stop him."

Don't worry, the instrument is currently not available for sale. It will be off the market until it can be thoroughly cleaned and taken care of.


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