Classic Christmas movies are the theme for this holiday display in Janesville.

Growing up, I remember on Christmas Eve having some extra time between church and going to my aunt and uncle's house for a family party. My parents and I would take that time to drive around and look at all the beautiful light displays.

Back in those days, houses mostly had lights. There were different colors, sizes, and styles. Of course, some families had luminaries which I really enjoyed. My father would never have those. The lucky homes would have the plastic Santa or Frosty. We didn't have one of these either. We stuck with the blinky lights.

Nowadays, people go all out for the holiday displays. There are some very creative ones to check out too. Since the holidays won't be normal this season, I've noticed that some folks are taking their decorations to the next level. Most of the Christmas traditions have to be scrapped this year, so they are looking for new fun ones. This has been the time for creativity and residents are continuing with that idea.

In Janesville, there's a perfect example.

According to,

"Judy Olson was euphoric when she became a grandmother this year, twice. At the same time, Olson was feeling the need to do something. She is not the kind of person who can sit for long, despite her diabetes, a heart condition, arthritic joints and need to stay home because of COVID-19."

So, to keep herself busy and celebrate the arrival of grandchildren, she decided with the help of her boyfriend to build them a playhouse. That spun into her next incredible idea.

For a fun holiday display, she decided to turn the playhouse into the Griswold's from "Christmas Vacation" and completely cover it with lights. Also, she created Clark with the snow saucer and Cousin Eddies emptying his RV into the sewer. The cat electrocuted in the carpet is located inside the playhouse.

That is added to the scene she already has from "A Christmas Story." The yard has the infamous tongue stuck to the flagpole incident.

In the '80s, her father constructed a mechanical Santa's workshop.

The homeowner is also working on a display featuring The Grinch to add soon.

That's pretty darn cool. I might have to take a road trip to check it out.

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