Play along with Double T On The Shelf for a chance to win some really cool Classic Rock toys.


I'm sure you know about "Elf on the Shelf," especially if you have kids. Well, Double T On The Self is like that, only cooler with much better gifts. It's time for the adults to have some holiday fun. I think Santa is jealous of our bundle of gifts. Plus, it's a good look for Double T.

Double T On The Shelf
Double T On The Shelf

Check out the list of Classic Rock toys that Double T has collected.

  • Funko Pop Rocks Queen Freddy Mercury Wembley 1986.
  • Grateful Dead playing cards.
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis Bold As Love album cover art puzzle.
  • Pink Floyd playing cards.
  • AC/DC Monopoly.
  • Funko Rocks POP! Def Leppard collectors set with Joe Elliot, Rick Savage, Rick Allen, Phil Collen, & Vivian Campbell.
  • Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels set.
  • Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit.
  • Kiss Fisher-Price Little People Figures.
  • LEGO Art The Beatles collectible building kit an Inspiring Art Set.
  • Elton John Barbie.
  • Funko Pop Aerosmith Steven Tyler & Joe Perry.
Classic Rock Toys for Double T On The Shelf
Classic Rock Toys for Double T On The Shelf

That's a lot of awesome prizes. Check out more pictures.

Double T On The Shelf Classic Rock Toys

I know what you're thinking, how do I win all that cool stuff? Don't worry, it's easy.


Now until December 20th, download the free 96.7 The Eagle App on your phone. Once you've got that, you're ready to go.

You have to find Double T On The Shelf. He will be hiding in and around Rockford. 5 places in total. Unfortunately, I can't tell the locations here. You have to go to the 96.7 The Eagle App to get those. I can give you some hints.

  • Gazebo at a park where people settle in one of the "R" towns north of Rockford.
  • Big orange sculpture on the Rock River.
  • Monument in honor of a huge historical event that happened in the city of Pretzels.
  • Double T was sitting there in one of the pictures above and you can find the city of Rockford Christmas tree there.
  • Where to find peace on Perryville Road.

How to play.

1) Download and open the free 96.7 Eagle App

2) Click the DOUBLE T ON SHELF ICON on the bar (this will take you to the contest home screen)

3) Click the JOIN NOW button to play (this will take you to a screen to enter your info)

4) ENTER your name, email & phone number (This is how we contact winners), then click PLAY NOW

5) Choose a challenge and head to the location if you aren't nearby already. (The app may ask for location access while in use. Choose. OK)

6) Click the LOCATE NOW.  (The App may ask for camera access. Choose OK).

7) Move your phone/camera around until you see Double T On The Shelf. (Note Capture Now button will be bright orange when you are close.)

8) Click the CAPTURE NOW button when you see Double T. A screen will appear that reads "YOU GOT IT!" On to the next challenge.

Even better, here's a photo version of how to play.

Elf How To One
Elf How to Two

Here's what Double T On The Shelf looks like.

Double T AR Token

Good luck on your quest and have fun.

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