A video chat with Santa is available for children in Rockford.

I remember when I was a kid, going to see Santa Claus was a big deal. Well, at least to me it was. I always made my parents pinpoint when I was going to see him. It was also important which one I was going to see because some were better than others. I think my favorite of all time was at Marshall Field's in downtown Chicago. He had the real beard and the whole look.

If I was young this year, I would be devastated if I couldn't go visit Santa and have a little chat with him. I had to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I know there are some places still having Santa but you have to keep social distance.

Part of the evolution of 2020 is we have become a video chat and Zoom society. It has been a normal part of communicating with each other. Why not to the North Pole too so we can speak with Mr. Claus. That opportunity is available for the children.

It's called Santa The Experience. According to santatheexperience.com, "Embark on a magical Elf-guided journey to the North Pole and enjoy a live video chat with Santa. The experience is guided by Elf Pickles, Dimples, Bazzle, and Tinsel."

Check it out for yourself.

Video: Santa The Experience

It looks pretty cool to me. If my daughter was still little, I would definitely be doing this for her.

For more info, HERE.


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