A couple in Wisconsin was arrested for stealing $93,000 worth of Kohl's Cash.

Recently, I had to purchase some dress pants. I found some at Kohl's. After I paid for them, the cashier gave me some "Kohl's Cash" to come back and use on another day. Unfortunately, it expired before I could use it.

I have friends that are all about the "Kohl's Cash." They will never let it go to waste.

Apparently, this couple in Wisconsin are huge fans of it.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A Wisconsin couple is accused of making about $93,000 after hacking into Kohl's database and stealing Kohl's cash. Prosecutors say the couple was caught when they began bragging about the scheme on Twitter. Kohl's cash is assigned to customers at the store after they spend a certain amount. Authorities say last year, Robert Gordon, an Army recruiter, sold the cash on Twitter for a profit. If convicted, Gordon and his wife could face 45 years in prison."

Am I missing something? This is just "Kohl's Cash" right?

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