"No bro, I'm trying to..."


I'm willing to bet as a member of the law enforcement community you see and hear just about everything.

A La Crosse, Wisconsin couple were "busy" in the backseat of a car when the police showed up. Apparently, the couple didn't really mind the company.

According to the Miami Herald the couple was told by the officer to wrap things up and leave. The male in the car was pretty determined to finish what he started:

“No, bro. I’m trying to f**"

After several more attempts to stop the "action", the 21-year-old man exited the vehicle and said the following things to the police officer and informed him that he was trying to:

“c***-blocking him” and “giving him blue balls.”

If that wasn't enough, the officer informed 21-year-old Bailey Puttkemery to put his pants back on, to which the pantsless man replied:

“It’s just a d**, nothing to be afraid of.”

Mr. Puttkemery was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. No word about any sort of color change.

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