Modern medicine has provided us with the "Blue Diamond" (Thanks Anna) . But if you would like a natural, tasty way to fire up the engines check this out.

Chocolate heap

If bedroom activity isn't going as planned, how about some grocery store ideas that could boost the libido.


According to NY Post here are Five Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive.


  • Pomegranates - Supports blood vessels and circulation. Enough said.
  • Broccoli - You know what indole-3-carbinol is right, oh course you do? It regulates Estrogen.
  • Blueberries - D-mannose helps support the walls of your mommy & daddy parts
  • Chocolate - Aphrodisiac-like food. Go dark.
  • Pumpkin Seeds - They have L-tryptophan, can effect sexual health

I mentioned my friend Anna Marie Harouvis at the top of this blog. She is the owner and operator of Anna In The Raw Incredibly delicious RAW juices. I had a couple different types over the weekend in Ohio. I wonder if Anna has ever thought of a "Sex Drive"  RAW Juice using some of these foods? How about "The Libido Punch", "The Bedroom Bottle", "Drinking Raw to Get Raw", someone stop me...




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