Sure the Prince of Darkness sounds nice, but how about Sir Ozzy Osbourne? Many have signed the petition in hopes of knighting Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

A while back, a 46-year-old Australian fan named Helen Maidiotis launched an online petition on the website that says Ozzy Osbourne should be knighted.

What are the reasons for this? Helen says that the Metal Madman deserves this honor because of his "significant contribution to the music industry."

I guess I could see that. I think it would be fantastic to have the Queen Mother hold a giant sword, she would be struggling of course because the she's old and the sword is huge, and knight him in Caernarfon Castle. Ozzy would obviously be biting the head off of a bat during this moment.

What do you think? Should Ozzy be knighted? As of right now, almost 21,000 people think he should! The signing has been closed as Helen has reached her goal.

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