Where would Rockford's number one music fan, the late Vern Smith, go out dancing today?

If you've been around the Rockford music scene for a long time, then you were familiar with Vern Smith.

If you didn't know who Vern is, then you missed out on meeting quite a character. He was rightfully named "Rockford's number one music fan."

From rrstar.com obituaries,

"Verne was a fixture of the local music scene. During more than three decades, Verne attended hundreds, if not thousands, of shows and concerts put on in the Rockford area by local and national bands. In 2001, the Rockford Area Music Industry named Verne the biggest music fan of all time."

Vern would go out every weekend to see his favorite bands. If you were a local band or even just a fan, you wanted him to be at your show. That meant it was "THE" show to be attending that night.

He was great to have at shows. No matter what, he was always up front singing and dancing. He definitely had his own moves.

Video: Vern Dancing (Missing Links, Rockford, IL/ Shakey Ground)

He also had shirts from his favorite bands. When he went to one of their shows, he would wear the shirt in support. If there were more than one, he would bring a bag with the other band or bands shirts. Then he would change them as the bands changed during the night.

Vern had bands to see and his places to go rock out and dance.

His favorite was going to see Bullet at Take 20.

Here are some others places you would run into him.

  • Elixur
  • Kryptonite
  • L.T.'s

All of those places are gone now. Where would Vern go to see live music and get his dance on if he was still with us?

  • Mary's Place
  • District
  • Whiskey's

Some other bands you would see him checking out.

  • Agent Zero
  • Ript
  • 420

Those bands are no longer together. What bands would he be checking out now?

  • Miles Nielsen
  • Name The Moon
  • Taboo Blah Blah

What do you think?

I'll never forget the announcement at the end of the night. Vern needs a ride home. Can someone please give Vern a ride? He would always find one from another willing fan.

We miss you Vern. The Rockford music scene hasn't been the same without you.

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