I can't believe all the different types of Christmas candy available, but what is the top-rated one in Illinois?

One of the best parts of the holidays is all the tasty treats. There are so many to choose from. Next time you go shopping, take a walk down the candy aisle. It will blow you away.

Do you ever wonder which one is the biggest seller?

According to newsday.com,

"With the holidays approaching, candystore.com determined the most popular Christmas candy in each U.S. state. The online bulk candy store surveyed more than 50,000 customers to discover their favorite holiday sweet treats."

What about Illinois?

This was a big surprise for me... it's Jolly Ranchers.

How much do people spend on Christmas candy?

"An average consumer will spend $110 on candy and food, and 59 percent of holiday sales are expected to be online. In fact, 1.76 billion candy canes are made every year for the holiday season, and that’s just one type of holiday treat."

Think about that as you are out celebrating this year.


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