Nothing like hitting the open trails for a little riding with friends.

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube


One motorcycle, one ATV, and a camera. Sounds like the perfect start to a weekend to me, what could possibly go wrong?

I found this video that was posted back in November of 2014, a couple friends out doing some trail riding enjoying the sunshine.

As the fellas are hauling butt up a slight incline, the ATV in the lead slightly loses control just enough to meet a tree. As the YouTube description reads, Steve and I out hitting the trail watch him bounce off a tree.

I am one of those people that has problems watching these types of videos. If I'm on Facebook and it's "watch this guy fall off a ladder" or "check out this epic skateboard fail", nope can't do it.

So when I was first watching this, I was partially covering my face. It's not really bad trust me, I made it through.

Here you go, straight from the trails of Rockford, Illinois. Watch for the comments at the end with what is found on the ground.