In snow and cold, this man rides his motorcycle in Rockford.

When I was younger I used to be that guy. I rarely got cold. I would wear shorts, a hoodie, and sneakers all winter long. It did not matter if it was snowing, cold, or windy. In college, I would walk to class and parties like that. People thought I was crazy. Plus, I barely ever got sick.

If I was going to be out in the winter weather for a while sledding, skiing, or some other outdoor activiity like that I did have the gear for it. In fact, I have attended some of the coldest Chicago Bears games in NFL history without any issues.

Things are a little different now that I am older. The cold does get to me these days. I am not afraid to go into it but only if I am all dressed up in my winter gear.

I stopped for gas the other day during these below zero windchills and I saw a guy wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and Crocs. I thought to myself, what a brave soul. It brought back memories of myself. I am sure people said I was nuts too.

I have a lot of friends that enjoy riding motorcycles. Some of them are diehard. They do not care about the weather. When they are in the mood to ride, they just go. Well, to a certain point, Think about this, in the summer they can wear leather jackets because of the breeze while on the bike. Most riders I know, will not go out once you get down into the '50s.

As you walk out of your house or work today, think about getting on the back of a bike. It is cold enough before taking off. Well, this guy in Rockford must have some thick skin because it was freezing and he was out riding. Plus, it was snowing. Check it out for yourself.

Out For A Winter Ride
Out For A Winter Ride

He is not even wearing any winter gear. At least if someone is snowmobiling they will put on a snowsuit. Hopefully, he does not have to travel like that every day.

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